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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Saturday, December 24, 2011

M-Series Vent Trap

I installed a stereo and needed something to prevent the probable water from destroying it from the vent left open. So I decided to add a trap to allow the air to come in and trap the water. There is a bit more resistance to the air coming in but I think that is a good trade off to a destroyed stereo.

I installed the stereo in the center, set back a bit. I plan to put super magnets on the cover if I need to hide the stereo.

So I made a crude trap out of cardboard for test fitting.

After all the fitting and testing, I then made another trap using thin cardboard for a sheet metal pattern.

Tracing the pattern onto the aluminum sheet metal.

Sheet metal cut out.

Assembled using tape.

Right hand neoprene glove about to give up the thumb.

Thumb cut out.

To seal the thumb tip to the vent actuator arm, I'm epoxying a copper pipe section onto it.

Thumb installed.

Drain outlet installed. I used aluminum pop rivets throughout.

Installing the trap using ty-wraps to attach the thumb tip to the actuator arm. Note the inside of the trap is coated with Hirsch's gas tank sealer for S & G's.

Thumb tip ty-wrapped down.

Installing brackets.

Ready for drain hose.

Drain hose installed.

 Drain hose installed.

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