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Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Post Pictures on STT

I made a .pdf, a MS Word .doc, and .docx documents for this procedure that I can email to anyone, just email me at

So here is the procedure:

How to Use Imgur for Posting Pictures on STT
This procedure will step you through the process of generating a new account on Imgur, uploading a picture, and copying the picture link to be pasted into your STT post. This procedure assumes that your picture is on your computer and you know where it is.
First off go to Imgur. Start your browser and search on “imgur”:

Your search result:

Select the result that gets you to Could have just typed in your browser URL entry box… 

So, this will get you to Imgur web page:

Go up to the top right and select “sign-up”.

Sign-up page appears. Enter your username, email, and password. You can pick any username that is not taken. Might want to write these down because you’ll need the username and password to log into Imgur again. Now click “next”.

You’ll need to tell Imgur you’re not a robot, so check that box.

Now click on “Register”.

You now have an account on Imgur. Note your username in the upper right corner.

Now hover over your username and select “images”.

This gets you to your images window. Now select the “Add Images”.

The upload window pops up. You can drag images to this window or use the “Browse” button to go to where your pictures are on your computer.

Clicking the “Browse” button gets you the browse window. Here, I’ll navigate to where the picture is located. In this case, my Y drive.

So, I navigated to where my picture is, in this case, Y:\1948Studebaker\Pics. Select the picture and then select “Open”.

Your picture will magically appear in Imgur. You have now uploaded the picture to Imgur. The next step will be to get the link of the picture.

Fly over the picture and click on it.

Imgur will then bring up the image edit window.

Now go down to the lower right and select “Copy” button for the “BBCode” selection.

You have now copied the picture link to your clipboard. Now go to STT and log in. Logging in, looks familiar, right?

Logged in and ready to make a new post on STT.  Put in your name and message title. Select message text box and paste your picture link. You can do this by right clicking and select “Paste” or just do a Ctrl-v.

Here is the link Imgur gave you but STT doesn’t like it so you’ll have to change it. Delete the “[img]” on each end.

Now delete the “s” after “http”, for some reason STT doesn’t link a secure path to the picture.

This is what you want, makes sense, NOT! So now it would make sense to “Preview” it.

At this point you can select “edit” to add more pictures or text or you could just select “Post” and your done!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017