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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Monday, May 30, 2016

2016 ATHS National Convention & Truck Show

Alan Trickle came over Friday morning and we drove up to the event at the Salem Fair Grounds. It was about a 215 mile trip there and except for the four mountain passes MPH did great. Had to down shift to third near the peaks of those four passes. Fortunately my fellow big rigs were in the same boat (misery loves company). No problem taking Interstate 5 to get there and back. On the down slopes I could push the clutch in and coast, got up to 70 MPH on one slope, record for MPH. We met up with Zane and his buddy Kurt. Both Zane and Kurt brought Stude tucks. Kurt brought a rear axle down from Zane's bone pile for Alan's bullet nose and we transferred it to MPH for the trip back down to Southern Oregon where Alan and I live.

Kurt, Zane, Alan, John

Don't know the actual count for show trucks but when we came in on Friday it was at about 500. Some say it was about 1,000. There were only 5 Studes, MPH, Zane's truck, Kurt's truck, an M5 and a 2R. But oddly there was a couple dozen Diamond-T's. 90% of the trucks were big rigs.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Front Springs

New hardware, new bushings, all painted and ready to go. I ordered new U-bolts off the internet where you can specify all the parameters. New center bolts and self locking nuts are grade 8.

 Layed out and ready

 Starting spring disassembly

 Where did the center bolt go?

 The nub of a center bolt stuck in the axle

Decided to go with retaining bolts instead of bending over the retainers
Installing the slip pads
Completed spring

Friday, January 22, 2016

Backup Alarm Bell

Installed the backup bell alarm...

I bought the CVA alarm and the separate mounting kit for odd numbered lug nut count. The separate kit is nothing more than a mounting plate with pre-drilled holes for all the different patterns. I had to make my own lug nut brackets because of the large size.

 The three blanks cut from 1/8" steel.

 Drilling the 1/4" mounting holes and 3/4" pilot hole for the punch.

 Holes drilled ready for 1-1/8" punch

 Punching the 1-1/8" lug nut holes.

 Takes a torque wrench.

 Cleaning up the punched holes.

 Checking lug nut fit.

 Lug nut holes punched.

Bending the bracket using a drill bit to get the curvature.
 Bracket bent.

 All three done.

Checking fit with the lug nut socket.
Test fitting.
Test fitting.

Painting brackets and bell. I preferred the bell painted.

Mounting the alarm to the brackets.

Bell mounted.

 Reminds me of a train coming in...