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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Saturday, October 4, 2014

MPH Wire/Cable Egress

 I added a second cable clamp because all my wire exceeded the capacity of just one. The rubber grommet and the metal clamp can be purchased from SI: Retainer Grommet Grommet

The top egess is the standard one that came with the truck and provides for the speedometer cable, oil pressure tube, and the temperature tube. The lower is of my concoction. It is a thick brass plate that mounts in the hole for the ignition coil power cable and provides for the vent trap drain tube, heater temperature control cable, and bull horn control cable.
These two holes were drilled for the PTO control cable (left) and vacuum operated Wolf Whistle control cable (right).

Thursday, September 25, 2014

MPH gets a Ramsey

Have been planning to install a 10,000 lb PTO Ramsey winch on MPH for a while. Today I started welding in the box I made from 3/8" x 5" angle. I left a tongue on each bumper end to go into the 3/8" angle to give more strength. This is just partially welded for now so I can verify that the drive shaft clears the front frame cross member. Still not sure how I will finish the metal but today it rained so Murphy may be telling me to leave it rust finish.

 Section cut out from the bumper

 Tape removed and tabs cut

 Close up of tab

Winch box tacked in place

Getting ready to test fit the winch

 Had to raise the bumper up a bit

 Winch raised into position

Winch bolted into place

Chain drive from PTO adapter to shaft mounted on the frame

Testing with winch drum engaged
I added two 2" hitch receivers for hooks
The addition of the receivers also helped to strengthen the bumper to rail connection

One on each side

Receiver hook in place

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dover Day Five

Decided to head home today. Went over to display area and most have left and weather was not looking so good for the picnic.

MPH of Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dover Day Four

Not much going on today. 0900 photo shoot with all the Studebaker Truck Farmers in front of Dover Downs and then vehicle judging (Concours d'Elegance).

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dover day 3

Long day! And hot! Today I got to the display area to swap stuff with Vern, scored an awesome PTO from  him. Then on to the track run! About 94 of us signed up for the run and I think all 94 showed. Went around the track many times and got MPH up to 5o MPH. Then the track historian gave us some stats on the track and we watched a DVD about the history of NASCAR at Dover.

Later we had the STF dinner and two folks, husband and wife with the last name of STUDEBAKER attended. He always knew he was related to the Studebaker brand but recently he did some research. What he found out was that his wife was actually closer related to the Studebaker brothers than he was!! Because we did not get a group picture, we all decided to take one in  the morning in front of Dover Downs.

 MPH under the wing of a B17
(from the day before at the Dover AFB Museum)

Video as I drove the track
MPH racing (taken by Barbara Beadle)

Apparently I won the race!!