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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ted engine going to OR via MPH bed

Today was a bummer. Went to the back yard to move the engine pallet I made years ago to the garage and start preparing it. I was shocked to see had disappeared!!! Apparently I had tossed it and completely forgot. So I had to go to Lowes and buy lumber to build another.

 After test fitting the engine in the pallet I thought I would just leave the engine in and move the whole shebang at once

 Saw this at Cheesecake Factory, hard to see but that hoodie says Snap-On on it.

Friday, March 6, 2015

York 2015

A few Pictures of York 2015, more to come:

George O.,  Gerald Hiter, and Frank Drumheller hangout while Brian Dahl takes so pictures.

Sue and I

Getting an awesome history lesson from Jerry Kurtz about York and Pow-Pow Doctors..

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Door Latch Mod

This is a mod to add a key lock to the driver's side latch. In addition what is shown here is the drilling of the hole for the lock to mount on the door skin and installation of the lock.

 Existing driver's side latch

 Three tabs to bend up

 Bending the three tabs

 Prying off the retaining piece

Parts ready for installation
 Installing the piece that accepts the lock shaft

Retainer installed
Bend tabs over
 Tabs bent over - done!