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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Friday, January 22, 2016

Backup Alarm Bell

Installed the backup bell alarm...

I bought the CVA alarm and the separate mounting kit for odd numbered lug nut count. The separate kit is nothing more than a mounting plate with pre-drilled holes for all the different patterns. I had to make my own lug nut brackets because of the large size.

 The three blanks cut from 1/8" steel.

 Drilling the 1/4" mounting holes and 3/4" pilot hole for the punch.

 Holes drilled ready for 1-1/8" punch

 Punching the 1-1/8" lug nut holes.

 Takes a torque wrench.

 Cleaning up the punched holes.

 Checking lug nut fit.

 Lug nut holes punched.

Bending the bracket using a drill bit to get the curvature.
 Bracket bent.

 All three done.

Checking fit with the lug nut socket.
Test fitting.
Test fitting.

Painting brackets and bell. I preferred the bell painted.

Mounting the alarm to the brackets.

Bell mounted.

 Reminds me of a train coming in...

Modern Rear Axle Hub Oil Seal

Installed the new modern hub oil seal SKF #31284