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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Field Day of the Past

Lots of tractor pulls
(missed the BIG tractors...)

Back Row L->R: Gary Hearn, Dan Martin, Jim Beadle, Gerald Hiter, Frank Drumheller, John Weinrich
Front Row L->R: George Orphanidys. & Brian Dahl
(Not shown: Sue Weinrich, Joan Dahl, & Lisa Martin)

Mr. Potato Head (MPH, My '48 M15A), Brian's '57 3E14 Transtar, & Jim's '49 2R5

Some tractors only have three wheels

Monster 2-cycle Diesel 300 RPM/300 HP

Pig races

Tractors on trucks and trucks on trucks...

Gary Hearn's M Firetruck

Jim & I admiring Gary's Firetruck

Gary Hearn

Jim with Gary talking about Gary's saw collection

Brian posing with Stude buggies

Not sure what a "Ruggles" is but I posed with it...

Jim posing with an old fire emergency truck. Later, this truck left for an emergency...
Jim had a long career as a firefighter, thanks Jim for your service!!

Lunch time!

Jim's Monte Carlo

Studes hang'in at Jim's home

On our way back to FDotP

Frank checking out Mr. Potato Head
"Where's the ID tag???"
"Glove box, of course!"

George O's truck on a truck

I think Frank really likes Brian's 3E14

STFers hang'in at Gary Hearns thrashing exhibit

George O, nice trucks (how jealous are we?)
George, when you get tired of it and give me the Diesel, will you call yourself Dieseless George?