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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Correct Pilot Bearing

After installing the transmission and then installing the engine into the truck I worried that there was something wrong because difficulty bolting it up. So I pressed the clutch, put the transmission in high gear, and tried rotating the transmission output shaft. It took a breaker bar and a 4' pipe to turn it - not good!! So I pulled the engine, removed the transmission and dismantled the clutch. I found that the pilot bearing was not fully pressed into the flywheel. The pilot bearing was distorted from the it's installation and it appeared to be the wrong part. The transmission input shaft would not slide into the pilot bearing. I removed it and ordered the correct bearing. The correct bearing was shorter and the correct inside and outside dimension. It pressed into the flywheel with little effort and slides nicely onto the transmission input shaft. I put everything back together and installed the engine back into the truck. I then preformed the same test and the transmission output shaft now spins freely by hand...

 New correct pilot bearing slips onto transmission nicely

 Installing new bearing

 As I tapped the bearing in I checked squareness with calipers

 New bearing installed

 New installed bearing slides nicely onto the transmission input shaft

 Flywheel install on crankshaft

 I left the pressure plate loosely mounted on the flywheel and used the transmission input shaft to align the clutch plate, then tightened the pressure plate

 I used grease to determine how far in the the input shaft engaged the pilot bearing

Transmission mouted and ready to go into the truck

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Late afternoon...Waiting...

Finally shows at 6:30, to late to install, will have to sit in the rain till morning. Shipper put the engine pallet on a standard pallet so first thing is to slide it off the standard pallet.

Morning. Still drizzling... Slide it off the standard pallet, removed sides and positioned the hoist.

Wife had a good idea, just drape the entire thing with plastic.

Off the engine pallet.

First thing, mount the tranny.

Having a hard time mounting the tranny. Had to "pull" them together with the mounting bolts. Worried about using force so I removed the tranny and checked everything out. All looked good so back together they went. This time it went on easier. I did have to "shade tree" realign the clutch, probably moved in shipping.

Tranny installed.

Here we go... My plan is to install the tranny top before final bolt down.


 Installed! Now for the rest of the crap...

Here is a list of all what the rebuilders did:
Qty     Description
1.00    Teardown motor
1.00    Bake Blast Block
1.00    Bake blast crank
1.00    Bake blast head
1.00    Crack repair and PT block
1.00    Lot wash parts
1.00    Magnaflux block
1.00    Magnaflux crank
1.00    Magnaflux head
6.00    Re-size big end
1.00    Bore and hone block
1.00    Resurface head
1.00    Deck block, 6cyl
1.00    Grind camshaft
1.00    Grind crank
1.00    Dynamic Balancing
1.00    R&R cam bearings
1.00    R&R freezeplugs
1.00    Assemble motor
1.00    Paint and materials
1.00    R&R ring gear
1.00    Ring gear
1.00    Engine kit
12.00  Machine and install stellite seats
12.00  Stellite seats
12.00  Grind seats
1.00    Resurface flywheel
12.00  R&R valve guides
1.00    Rebuild starter
1.00    Inbound freight
1.00    Heater valve
1.00    Oil pickup screen
20.00  Headbolt
1.00    Front damper cushion
6.00    Wrist pin bolt
1.00    Shaft
1.00    Bushing and retainer
1.00    Camshaft thrust plate
1.00    Spacer,camshaft
1.00    Oil filter decal
1.00    Rebuild clutch assy.
1.00    Outbound freight