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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Calculating Max Tire Width

Getting new floors

Started putting in the new floor panels. My plan is to use pop rivets and liquid nails. Maybe weld in the future if I decide to do a frame off restoration:

Harness Removed

Here is part of the electrical harness. I'm rewiring the entire truck with modern wire and connectors. Improvements include:

1. Adding dome light switches
2. Adding backup light and switch
3. Adding a larger fuse block

Tank Painted

Painted the tank with POR-15. Currently there is a couple of pounds of sheet rock screws inside to help remove the rust. Every now and then I pick up the tank and agitate it. I did order a tank sealer from Hirsch. Next step: remove screws and crap, clean out with several washings of mineral spirits. Then I will start the coating process which involves more cleaning and etching before coating:

Vent Fixed

Removed a lot of rust and treated with POR-15 and added a new seal:

New Rims!

Bought a set of 6" x 19.5" TUBELESS rims off ebay. Hoping to save a lot and get a wider selection of tires for the truck. The old 17" split rims were original but I want this truck to be useable and drivable:

Dome Light Door Switches

Planning to add dome light door switches:

Shift Boots

Got the pig skin from Tandy for shift boots and maybe visors: