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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Angle Steel Corners Welded

 Local buddy stoped by to give me some moral support in his '54 Chevy dump stake bed.

 Clamped up, bolted down, and ready for welding

 Front angle

 Looking back, drivers side after tack welding, lifted, and slid back

 Drivers side, rear

 Passenger side rear corner

 Corners all welded

Friday, August 17, 2012

Seat Belts

 Upper shoulder mount. I drilled and tapped a 1" square tube to go behind the two cab support members. The mounting bolt goes through a hole in the tube where a thick threaded plate is held in place by a screw

 Bottom mount where the retractor is mounted. I used the large washer that came in the companies mount kit to increase the load over a larger area. Underneath is where a chunk of angle iron is for support.

 Lap belt section is mounted to the two body mounting bolts. As I recall, I replaced the bolts with longer grade 8 bolts. These bolts go all the way through a frame cross member under the cab. Existing  mounting point is nice!

Here is the angle iron under the retractor, under the floor pan. Yes, my truck is that rusty... But most of that is just under coating peeling off.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Next: Bed Steel

 3" x 4" x 1/4" angle iron around the perimeter

Countersunk mounting hole for 3/8" SS bolts

 Marking where to cut rear angle

 Rear angle cut

Lots of "V" for weld fillet

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ashland VA Meet Up

 The Three Amigos

 Brian's Commander

 Jim's Champion

 Bass Pro Shop elevator

 Big fish tank

 Brian and Jim

 More animal above

 Brian's 1957 3E14 Transtar

 Jim's 1953 2R5

 John and his 1948 M15A

 Brian and his 1957 Transtar

John's Champion