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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feild Day of the Past (VA, 2013)

 Fog on a field on my way to FDotP just north of Ashland

 MPH got there early ~0830

Studebeadle arrives

 A quick pan before everybody arrived

An old one coming in

And here comes Old Girl

 Old Girl (Brian Dahl), Studebeadle (Jim Beadle), & MPH (John Weinrich) lined up

 Frank From Germany and Brian Dahl setting up his truck (stand).. Frank brought a book of pictures and Brian brought a step ladder to set it up. We did this because Frank forgot his truck.

Frank goofing off

Gary Hearn's Peanut thrashing area
 Frank Borowec (Frank from Germany), Brian Dahl, & Jim Beadle

One end of the tractor pull

 Steam engine
 The Willys in the foreground belongs to a chap that came in with us. We met at the Wawa (where we got our monster lunch hoagies) and trained in together. He and his wife are WWII re-enactors.

 Three Stude trucks and Frank Drumheller's Lark

 Eric * Kim Branch between their 2R5 and Franks' Lark

 Frank Drumheller and his Lark

 Tractor pulling

Frank posing in front of a steam engine
On my way home the odometer turned over at 60,000 miles

 As it turned over...