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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 Passenger side differential case half and the spider and side gears
Side gear thrust washer = 3.565" OD
Side gear thrust washer = 2.5" ID
Side Gear thrust washer thickness = 0.057"
Side gear overall diameter = 4"
Side gear shank diameter = 2.3"
Side gear # of teeth = 20
Side gear axle groove diameter = 1.775"
Side gear # of axle grooves = 16
Differential gear # of teeth = 11
Differential gear bush inside diameter = 0.875"
Differential gear cross end/end = 5.9"
Differential gear cross diameter = 0.875
Differential gear thrust washer diameter = 1.824"
Differential gear thrust washer inside diameter = 0.9"

 Driver side case half w/ring gear, 35 teeth (pinion has 6, 35/6 = 5.83 ratio)

 Passenger side axle case half

 Pinion housing mounted to passenger side axle housing

Passenger side axle housing w/hub attached

 Drivers side axle half marked with "Timken 2200-D-264F"

 Passenger side axle case half w/pinion installed

 Pinion (6 tooth), inner bearing and rear pilot bearing

Passenger side axle half showing Studebaker  lazy "S" (not so lazy)


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