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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Engine Re-manufacture

Next up is to send the engine off to MA for a "re-manufacture". Here is their web site:

These guys know what they are doing. This engine will be better than is was when new! I got to package it onto a pallet that will be enclosed by 5/8" plywood. I don't think the truck could make it to Lowes and back so I will have to rent a truck for the lumber. Here is a pic of typical packaging:

Basically, I'll have to purchase a cherry picker from Harbor Freight to pull the engine. Plan is to remove all the front sheet metal, fenders, grill, radiator, and hood. I will also remove the drive line and tranny... Not sure when I'll do this, will have to be out of town in the later half of July, hopefully I can get it shipped before then.

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