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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cave Junction Lions Car Show

Small show this year probably 2/3 of last year... First a couple drone shots:


 Bottom is Ed's truck on the left. Tom's is in the middle with MPH on the right.

Trophy is Mayor's Choice and the plaque is 1st Place 40's Stock

 Custom coffee mug just for preregistering...

 Check out the exhaust of this rat rod

 Nicely modified IH (V8)

This M has quite a story. Built ground up by Josh from Willows, CA, my birthplace.  He started with a M16 cab missing fenders and center front grill.  He added the 2R bed, 2Rrear fenders, and 2R front fenders with 11" cut out of the center to fit. Center front grill is a part from a grain shoot. All that on top of a S10 chassis with a V6 modified for Holley carb. Has the M truck dash but with radio grill and clock. He will be getting a fully restored M radio for the grill from the radio Santa.

 Here is his seat riser plate

 Ed's humongous Carryall with three bench seats in the back

 Tom's GMC pickup


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