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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Carter WE Nickel Plating

Today I Nickel plated many of the small parts on the Carter WE carburetor. This plating will help reduce rusting. I divided up the parts into three batches of about 11 square inches each. First and second batch I replenished three times, last batch only two times because I planned to chuck the solution after the three batches.

Basic setup is degreaser on the right and plating solution on the left
 First batch of parts. I used small ty-wraps to suspend from some copper wire. I applied hi-temp silicon to the areas I didn't want plated.

 Parts went into the degreaser for 5 minutes, rinsed with a distilled water spray bottle, and then into the plating solution. Floating balls help reduce evaporation and maintain temperature.

 Bubbles indicate parts are plating

 First batch plated

All parts plated

This is a copy of the spreadsheet I used to figure out all the times, proportions, and how to dibby-up the batches.

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