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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bed Done!!!!

Finally got the bed done. All the wood is Brazilian Apitong. This is a south American hardwood twice as hard as Red Oak. The bed boards are 1-7/8" thick cut as ship lap. The bed boards are attached using the Deckmaster Grabber under deck fastening system. The stakes where cut from the bed boards ripped with a table saw. All stakes are removable. The front stake spans the width of the bed and is retained by clips held in place by wing nuts. The side stakes are composed of three on each side. These stakes are also held in place using the clips on the bottom of the stakes. The rear stakes are attached with pull off hinges that allow them to swing down or pulled off. There is a stake hold up mechanism that holds the rear stakes at an angle so they can be used as ladders for egress. (the under carriage is documented in previous posts)

Looking back into the bed
Front looking back, side view

Rear view

Rear view with one rear stake removed

Rear side off hinges

Rear stake attached, swung down

Side stake removed showing stake bottom

 Stake bottom with retainer engaged

 One rear stake swung down

 Both rear stake swung down
Both these stakes can be swung down in tandem by engaging the center latch

 Rear stake hold up mechanism

Pulling out the rear stake hold up mechanism
It is spring loaded so it stays retracted when not in use
Note the tongue just below the small square tube

 Rear stake hold up engaged
Note the tongue engages into a slot in the small square tube, holding it in position

 Rear stake swung down with the stake hold up mechanism engaged
This allows the stake to be used as a ladder

Both rear stakes configured as a ladder
 Side view with both rear stakes configured as a ladder

Auxiliary ladder deployed

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