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Friday, May 4, 2012

Throttle Shaft Bushing Install

I bought a reamer kit to install throttle shaft bushings in the throttle body. The throttle body is made of cast steel and eventually wears. This kit comes with the reamer and four 5/16" bushings. Here it is on ebay:

It is assumed that the reamer in the kit will be used with machinery to align the reamer properly. I don't have this equipment but because the reamer shaft is 5/16" in diameter it can be used as a pilot. The key is to grind cutting edges on the inside edges of the reamer:

Then, because the reamer is now being pulled not pushed there needs to be a place to grip the reamer with a tap holder:

Slide the reamer into the throttle body, attach the tap handle and start reaming:

I use a cutting fluid but oil came be used:

Apply to the cutting surfaces:

I reamed nearly all the way through then ream the other side using the nearly reamed hole on the other side as the pilot hole:

After reaming the second hole all the way I finish reaming the first hole. Then I clean the holes with denatured alcohol and start inserting the first bushing. After starting the first bushing I apply some permanent Loctite:

I press the bushing in until it bottoms out. Then I align another bushing and press that into the bore pushing the first bushing until it pokes out into the bore:

Then I cut off the excess bushing:

And file smooth:

I then trim the inside end of the bushing to be flush with the curvature of the carb bore. Then do the same on the other side...

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