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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Friday, January 7, 2011

What this blog is about

I started this blog to chronicle the plight of the restoration (of sorts) of my 1948 Studebaker M15A-20 stake bed dually:

I had quite a hassle getting it from Oregon, most of the carriers did not want to haul a wide vehicle. Actually, I think it was because this vehicle is less than appealing... I bought this truck from Mark off of ebay.

So, I got the truck and I am now trying to get it street legal in Virginia. I now have a registration and antique plates. There is a lot wrong with it. First, the engine needed a lot of work and will need to be rebuilt sometime in the near future mostly because it burns oil (shot oil rings). Fortunately, I like rebuilding engines.

Here is a list of things I have done:

1. Rebuilt carburetor
2. Repaired heat riser valve
3. Repaired oil pump
4. Repaired vacuum and mechanical distributor advances
5. Replaced plug wires (not very necessary but I wanted super wires)
6. Removed unauthorized torque strap
7. Replaced oil bypass valve
8. Replaced rear motor mount
9. ebay'd air filter
10. Replaced busted shift knob with the knob from my old F250 4x4 (same shift pattern)

I am now in the process of repairing the pinion inner bearing on the differential. Here is what it looked like when I removed it:

As you can see, the tapered roller bearing cage is all gone and the rollers are flopping around willy- nilly. Good news is that I have new bearings coming from ebay. There was not a drop of lube in the differential!!! I am also replacing the points with a magnetic pickup and a super coil. I am hoping that the combo (along with MSD wires) will cut threw the oil... Also I working on a wiper replacement. The original wipers are vacuum actuated and really suck when pulling a load uphill (vacuum goes to zero when engine is under a big load). Fortunately, there are a several electrical options.

I have got new glass for the wings and rear window, I now have to order the rubber for them.

Oh, did I say that ALL the electrical needs to be redone? About the only thing that works is the ignition, the generator, the horn, and the heater. Everything else: kaput!

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