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Studebaker M15A-20 "Mr. Potato Head"

Monday, August 17, 2020

Free Parts

 Doing some cleaning of storage and came up with a bunch of stuff that I no longer need that another SOSO member might find useful.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Engine Swap

Well, I started the engine swap I have been talking about for years. Back before we moved to Oregun I bought a rebuilt engine from Ted Jensen and brought it out with us to Oregun. It's been on an engine stand from 2015 till now.

So far I have removed the transmission. I had to make an adapter to interface the transmission to my floor jack transmission adapter because I have a reversible PTO hanging off the side of the T9 crash box which makes it not fit the floor jack transmission adapter.

1. Disconnect the drive line from the transmission.
2. Remove the exhaust pipe from manifold to muffler.
3. Disconnect the PTO control cable.
4. Disconnect the speedometer cable.
5. Remove the transmission cover.
6. Remove the shift lever.
7. Remove the emergency brake lever.
8. Disconnect the backup light switch.
9. Disconnect the transmission vent hose.
10. Remove the transmission.

1. Disconnect the air cleaner to crankcase vent hose.
2. Removed the air cleaner.
3. Disconnect the two fuel lines.
4. Disconnect the vacuum line to the distributor.
5. Disconnect the throttle linkage.
6. Disconnect the choke heater hose.
7. Remove the carburetor.
8. Disconnect the air whistle hose.
9. Disconnect the PVC hose.
10. Remove the intake/exhaust manifold.

Here is where I stopped recording what I did when so...